Monthly Archives: March 2012

life lately.

Morning light. Building light. My first, real basketball game. Breakfast. Morning portraits. Tea time and a bunny. Q. portraits. 

trip to the park.

A Sunday trip to the park with my two favorite people. Complete with a waterfall, trail mix, some good reads, and crunchy fall leaves from last season. And unseasonably warm weather to boot. 


What are friends for after all if not pals to make funny faces with?


Spring time in Kansas. Fresh farm eggs, daffodils, blooms, and SUN. 

these are the faces…

These are the faces you make when you are extremely excited for a Radiohead concert (!!!). 

Albeit with crappy seats next to stinky hippies. Here’s to living your dreams. 

shades of orange.

A new stack of lovelies for devouring. Clementines for devouring. Potluck with Liz and Emily. Saturday afternoons playing Scrabble (and eating clementines). Friends growing older together.