Monthly Archives: October 2011

to the cabin.

Up north we go. Here’s our story:

Here’s Quique.

Plus a slightly confused me.

Off to visit this guy, Nando.

Nando just moved into a cold cabin in northern, small-town Minnesota.

We explored town.

Walked for many miles.

Talked amongst the trees.

But mostly laughed and played.

The END.

pieces of home.

Fall light is so pretty. 

So inspired today, I re-did my office at work (!)

Up north for the weekend… 

Happy, happy Fridayyyyy. 


Recipe for a cozy night:

Make these.

Then grab a good book and make some tea.


This little poop is settling just perfectly into his “new” place. Took long enough, Mr. B!


Ale turned 21 this weekend! Despite that 12-year-old grin, he can indeed now legally imbibe. Nice. Off to the Red Dragon we go…

“21? Me?!”

Yum yum, 21 sure is fun. 

bbq + baking.

Two delightfully good things. 


Admiring three little things today:

1) This little dude has just been the sweetest following the departure of his beloved tia. Yesterday we found him fondly licking the sheets on our bed. I guess this is weird but actually it is awesome, considering he used to be so mean.

2) Some spicy, home-made tomatillo salsa paired with some free tamales for my hard-working law school babes. 

3) And finally, calendar fame is at last mine! Check out the back of that head (on the left, psst). This bad boy is getting disseminated world-wide. Go Macalester. 


What’s inside this cute, little box? 

My new, cheapo, hipster-chic, geek-ass GLASSES. All for $88 from Score.

Do I look affected yet?


A big, ole banana pancake (made with love by me babes) with a mixed berry compote, strawberries, and real whipped cream. Oh, yum. 

Meanwhile on the other side of the warm kitchen…

Happy, happy fall. 


Missing my friends, long walks, long talks, home-cooked meals, cookies & coffee, and lots of other things. A sad Saturday.