Monthly Archives: January 2012


Birthday festivities for my big day. 25. 25! Some tres leches cake, courtesy of the ever-lovely Nastia. Enjoyed with friends. And a big date on the town. We saw Prairie Home Companion and walked the Saint Paul Ice Festival. The sculptures are probably melted by now because it was FORTY-THREE DEGREES today. This has never happened in all of my 25 years. Here’s to a quarter-of-a-century.



Old Man Winter is showing his bitter face this week. -10 this morning and slow, cold cars that won’t start. Wind that unpleasantly enters your lungs. Friiiiiiio. We took refuge in the cathedral, made cinnamon rolls with tapioca flour, and watched Mr. B. Thank the heavens for landlord-paid heating. 

(On a side note, I will be TWENTY-FIVE in three days…! Wow.)


Lazing around home. Searching for creepy barn/garages. REUNITING at the piano bar. And 2AM runs to McDonalds. Of course. 

up north.

A spur-of-the-moment trip up north to visit Nando and his cold cabin on the lake. We met his new friend, Z. And walked on the frozen water and drank hot chocolate. What are January weekends for? 


Here I come, 2012.