Monthly Archives: October 2011


My bestest-besty friend, Andra, is back in the Cities.

Ain’t she cute?

We’ve been spending lots of time “communicating.”

For real, I swear!

rainy day.

Oh, hi. It’s a rainy, fall day. Much time spent in front of lamps and looking out windows. 

Listening to the pitter pat. 


Trip to the museum and surrounding tourist attractions. A cherry on a giant spoon? I’m in, Minneapolis. 

this pear…

was delicious. That’s all. 


Cecilia-sweetest turned thirteen this weekend. Hard to believe she’s not a baby anymore. We got ice cream and walked around the park while she sassed about because that is what teenagers do. 

Still loving Instagram, obviously… and Dilly Bars and summer days in the fall. 


Our little place through the lens of the instagram app. I’m all for simplicity but sometimes technology does awfully pretty things.