We have no internet access or TV at home and life’s been great as a result! I thought I would miss the constant flow of information, but I really don’t! No constant distraction forces me to get clever in keeping myself busy. A little disconnection (or a lot) is good for the soul.  In the meantime, I’ve been…

Admiring the ceiling of my favorite coffee shop… I’mma paint a ceiling a mauve-red color like this one day. I loveeeee.

Admiring my studious worker while admiring the outdoor space of my favorite coffee shop. This kid works hard for no pay. 

Intaking yummy beverages while in said outdoor space of said awesome coffee shop. 

Going to local theater events to watch Emily, the master Andean conch player, weave her magic. 

And finally, making cookies, of course! Of the coconut, almond butter, chocolate variety. I pawned these off on Q. as “not-vegan-I-swear!” cookies and he couldn’t tell the difference. I’m definitely not a vegan, but vegan baking is fun. These cookies were a success.  Recipe found here!
With sweets this yum, who needs TV?

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