My Memorial Day was blessed by a series of golden delights:

The first golden delight? French toasttttt. This morning I made a French Toast “sandwich” again. This time with apples and bananas mashed between a peanut buttered bread slice, battered in eggs and coconut milk. Cooked to golden perrrrfection and topped with walnuts and whipped cream. 

Pretty delicious, ifIdosaysomyself.
Oh, hai there, bun bun.
My second little ray of golden sunshine? Mr. B! Mr. Bennet put on his model face today and showed the camera some serious bunny attitude. He’s my favorite golden-hued delight. When he’s being nice, of course. 

And finally to escape the home doldrums, I packed up my lunch and drove to the beach. I was almost able to walk to the whole stretch, which took me about two hours! Lots of golden sunshine and sand. 

Oh, happy (golden) days of summer. 


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