signs of summer.

Today I was blessed with the first official sign of summer! Gorgeous succulents!

Last August, I had a replanting party on my fire escape and during the festivities, a few buds of my Hens and Chicks succulent blew out of my reach. Today I opened my window to see that they were growing and gorgeous despite no soil or water and a contact influx of harsh sun! Talk about hearty plants! So I celebrated their tenacity by replanting them in a new pot. So purrr-dy and a true sign of summer. 

Other signs of summer? Good, juicy peaches. Today I whipped up a peach bread pudding/cobbler for one. Topped with walnuts, whipped cream, and a splash of coconut milk. So. yum. 

And the ultimate sign of summer? SKIRTS! 

Even Mr. B approves! 
Even though I’m not a fan of the mugginess that follows the arrival of summer and the influx of bugs (yuck!), summer so far has been bee-yoo-tiful. And that’s got me feeling like this… 

HAPPY face!
Haaaapy Memorial Day weekend! 

One thought on “signs of summer.

  1. Happy holiday weekend! And I love being able to wear skirts and ditch sweaters in the summer :)

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