for a great Saturday! Follow in order to ensure a totally awesome Saturday experience. 

Step #1) Prepare Blackberry Walnut French Toast for breakfast! I was dreaming of these babies the night before and they didn’t disappoint. 

I whipped up a blackberry and blueberry compote mix with a little blueberry Chobani + fresh berries in the food processor. Spread over some French bread with almond butter, flax seed, and walnuts. All dipped in two eggs, a little almond milk, and cinnamon, then toasted to a gooey perfection.

Step #2) After devouring the blackberry goodness, curl up with a good book in the afternoon sunshine. 

I’m currently reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. This monster of a novel is 600 pages, which I thought would be a challenge but I’m already half way done! Can’t put it down! 

Step #3) Veg out on some sushi for dinner with the coolest mother & daughter duo.

Aren’t they cute?
So, there you have it! The three perfect steps for a perfectly great Saturday. Guaranteeeeed! Repeat as necessary… like tomorrow.


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