Some days are just bad food days. Nothing seems to taste like I hope it will and I’m always left craving something better. I haven’t had much of an appetite lately, so when Serena suggested we check out a new restaurant as part of our whatthehelldowedotoday session, I was a little uneasy. We tried out this dive bar/casino/mom&pop restaurant in Fairhaven that had $5 Sunday specials. This probably should have been my first sign that the food might be rough on my tum-tum.

The place itself was pretty cute, in that insular, borderline-hickish sort of way. Check out the menu!

Yep, that was the whole thing! I chose the fried shrimp with a baked potato and coleslaw, which seemed like an OK bet. Being a true Midwesterner, I’m usually really hesitant trying out seafood because I can’t stand that fishy, unfresh flavor that characterizes most fish in the Midwest, sans Sunnies that were just scooped out of a lake. My fried shrimp didn’t have that fishy aftertaste, which was good, but it was really heavy and sunk to the bottom of my stomach. 

So, when I came home, I was hoping I could whip up something light and sweet to counter my lunch. I tried a new twist on a vegan cookie recipe and the results were… pretty unsatisfactory. I won’t go into details. The visual on these bad boys says it all:

Very dry, not sweet enough (even for me), and just sorta carboard-y tasting. 

*sigh* Guess you can’t win ’em all. 


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