bunnies, walks, and treats.

Is there anything cuter than baby animals? For me, baby bunnies are definitely near the top of the cutest little critters list. Serena came over today with Zeeky Bandido and we had a bunny play date. Because that’s what aspiring academics do on their down time, of course! 

Cutest thing ever.
We followed up our play session by checking out a potential apartment for Serena west of downtown. On our walk, we also just happened to stumble upon a gem of a little East Coast neighborhood. Coming from where we live, walking around this place felt like we were zapped into some sort of a third dimension ala Pleasantville. 

We passed a yard with FOUR (!) Border Collies all super excited to see us. 
Our walk took us about two hours, which felt sooo good in the evening sun. My feet were aching for rest when I got home and my tummy was craving sweets so I heated up a vegan, BEAN brownie that I made a few nights ago. I altered the recipe a bit from Katie’s Genius Blondies, subbing Nutella for the Peanut Butter and adding coconut to the top. These are seriously amazing and you really can’t taste the beans at all! I tried them out on Michelle last night and she was stunned they were beans! So yum!

Topped with a little vanilla ice cream and an extra dollop of Nutella.
I need a longggg shower after all that sun. Happy Saturday night! 

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