I love books. Most of all I love cheap books. Which naturally means I also love used bookstores! Today Serena and I checked out a hidden used bookstore in downtown N.B. This place was everything a gem of a used bookstore should be: floor to ceiling shelves with books all out of order, bright yellow walls with lots of vintage-looking artwork, and the cutest little man with tortoise-shell glasses who seemed to know everything about every book ever written (really) and who’s been running the place for the last thirty years (!)

See how cute?

And of course the books were ridiculously cheap! I scored three books for $7! I’m so excited to hit up this place all summer. Nothing’s better than cheap reads. The stack I went home with:

+ The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles, Haruki Murakami (author of Norwegian Wood, one of my favorites)
+ The Sea, John Banville (won the Man Booker for this novel, a good sign of a good read!)
+ The History of Danish Dreams, Peter Hoeg (author of my favorite book, Borderliners)

Here’s how we spent the rest of the afternoon… 

Oscar Wilde, Izzy soda, and SUNSHINE? Yes, please, thankyouverymuch. Yaaay, for being done with classes and wide-open dog days of summer whimsy nothingness.


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