Mr. Bennet and I are addicted… to Craisins. I used to buy the small bags once in a while, but now I’ve been buying two every time I visit the store, and they get consumed within a few days. Mr. B.’s been digging in the garbage can, couch cushions, and around my face (yep) looking for more. The poor guy even found the empty bag and ran around the house trying to find a way to get the non-existent blueberry-infused delights into his greedy little mouth. Here’s us when Craisins aren’t around… nice and pacified. We clearly just got a fix before this picture was taken. Pois é. 

I was going to do my laundry today but woke up to a steady down-pour. Who knew it could rain so ferociously in February? Only here, I guess. So I think I will hold my ground against the growing pile of dirty clothes amassed in my closet, and instead I’ll work on the NYT crosswords for this rainy Monday. Grad school makes every day feel like Sunday. Sans the difficulty level of Sunday crosswords, of course.   

On an entirely unrelated note, I feel obliged to show off the awesome wing-back chair I snagged on craigslist for only $25! It’s clean, too. And when the evening sun hits it for about 15 minutes every day, it’s the best spot in the house. Sockies the bear-monkey loves it, too. Mr. B’s dubious, though. He thought the top of the chair was a ledge, for some reason, and decided to launch himself upwards. Luckily, I grabbed him mid-air before he fell through the space behind the chair and onto the floor. Coitado do meu coelho. I guess we all learn somehow. 

Now if I could only teach him that Craisins are for humans…


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